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The rise and rise of newsletters

Who knew back in the days of blog posts on blog-specific platforms would be swiped out of the way in favour of something a little more... old-school.

The humble newsletter has been having its own personal renaissance for a while as multitudes of brands and organisations are deleting their blogs to curate and develop really decent email content.

The rebirth of this format has led to great content hitting our inboxes for the first time in a long time, as brands save their rich copy to wing its way straight to our email folders.

This has spawned a whole new world of apps to organise our newsletter subscriptions into themes and ready to read at our leisure rather than battling through our inboxes only to delete them for sanity’s sake.

Here are just a few apps that can spice up the organisation of your sub stacks:


The blurb:

Enjoy your newsletters in an app built for mindful reading while giving your Gmail inbox space to breathe.


The blurb:

All your favourite newsletter in one dedicated inbox. A reading experience without distractions. A handpicked selection of newsletters to discover your next subscription.

Newsletter Magnet

The blurb:

Newsletter Magnet allows you to receive and read beautiful newsletters in a way that was previously impossible.

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