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Telling your story your way

For me, there is no greater pleasure than telling stories.

Whether through content such as blogs, photos, video, online or through word of mouth and

well-placed promotion – there is a multitude of ways to spread the word(s) effectively.

The creation of a meaningful message is truly a wonderful thing!

Since I was a young child, I’ve used words and images to express the tales I wanted to tell. This desire to create and communicate continued into my education where I trained as a journalist and copywriter. I also trained in marketing, digital and PR. I gained experience and knowledge in design and photography, and worked within the creative industries to strengthen my skills and experience.

Nailing your audience/customer

(wherever they may be hiding!)

Now, some years later, I apply my passion for story-telling, creation and communication in my work. There is nothing more gratifying than helping my clients successfully express the message of their business/event and reaching their (sometimes evasive) audiences (who are usually more than happy to be found!) in a truly meaningful way.

Working in arts,entertainmentandculture, has seen me collaborating on events with high-profile artists such as The Stone Roses, Jimmy Carr, Sarah Millican, Paul Heaton and Jacqui Abbott, and Arctic Monkeys, amongst many others. I provide marketing and PR for a multitude of music festivals, cultural festivals, and destinational events (please contact me for more information about these). In addition, I work with theatre productions with companies such as Royal Shakespeare Company, Forced Entertainment, Quarantine Theatre, and Hull Truck Theatre to reach audiences far and wide.

I don’t just ‘do’ Arts – from arts to education, charity, hospitality and large/small-scale events

I don’t just ‘do’ arts and entertainment. I also provide marketing, digital, content support and activities for educational businesses, hospitality groups (cafes, bars, etc), media outlets, charities and much more. And I’m available by the day, week, month … whatever the length of your project and your needs.

Content creation – Content is Queen

I’m a keen copywriter and designer. Alongside press releases, marketing copy, and social media content, I produce company newsletters (both internal and external) complete with design, which helps to cut down costs and is super-efficient when working to deadlines.

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