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Top 7 Can’t-Live-Withouts

What the heck did we do in an app-less world? How did we survive without the myriad of different ways to communicate our day to the outside world, organise our lives into neat piles and access information in milliseconds? Imagine navigating business in such a techless age.

Thankfully that’s not the case in 2018, we have an abundance of tech/apps/options to help make life, business and productivity easier. Here are our top 7 ‘couldn’t-live-withouts’.

1. Buffer The reality of having to live post every single message/tweet simultaneously is pretty scary/impossible. Buffer is a great social media management system with bags of analytical tools for any size project and it has free options for those wanting to dip their toes before leaping into a paid-package.

2. Slack/Whatsapp Perfect for sharing documents, images, videos and news in a heartbeat. These two offer reliable and flexible ways to keep in touch with the team from your mobile.

3. Canva We also use Indesign/Photoshop for larger/complex projects but Canva is the bee’s knees for creating social media graphics on the fly. There are ready-made templates for all the different dimensions of Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram and more, which makes content creation a whole lot faster and more professional.

Pink headphones on a white background
Ahh, music - the great motivator
4. Deezer Each of our projects has a soundtrack to motivate (see 'Today's office soundtrack' below). What is work without music to inspire you?

5. Dropbox/We Transfer The Ken and Barbie of file-sharing.

Do you remember when massive files could only be transferred by floppy disk or

pen-drive? Us neither, we're way too young…

6. Snapseed Another graphics app but this one is specifically for editing images. We use this for Instagram, Facebook, Twitter to polish up visuals before transferring to design packages.

7. UFYH/Trello Originally created to get your house in order, UFYH is brilliant for creating lists and catching thoughts/plans. Good for goal-setting. Trello is a classic for planning and sharing them with teams.

What are your top 7s? Today's office soundtrack: Massive Attack, Christine and The Queens.

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